Atelier Advantage

Atelier Art Finance is positioned to become a world leader in art finance. Drawing from our vast experience in the art world, AAF understands the many nuances that envelope art collecting, and as such, are able to assist clients with invaluable advice. AAF provides non-recourse loans at competitive rates secured exclusively by fine art. AAF offers a plethora of lending solutions customized to meet the specific needs and objectives of each client.

AAF is unique in that we work hand-in-hand with our affiliate company, Ackerman’s Fine Art, to provide all the services of a fine art gallery and advisory firm, in addition to art finance solutions. As a result, AAF seamlessly bridges the gap between financing, collection management and advisory services.

Atelier Art Finance has a clear and transparent process, and acts as both principle and intermediary to secure loans for our clients.

  • Loans can be structured as asset-based or non-recourse. AAF loans do not require personal or other asset guarantees.
  • AAF acts as both a principle and intermediary lender.
  • AAF processes loans as low as $250,000 with no upper limit.
  • Loans can be drawn down at any time during the loan term.
  • Our process is clear and transparent.
  • The legal aspects of every loan are handled by a major New York law firm.
  • Loans can be processed in as little as one week.
  • AAF offers fixed-term loans with fixed-interest rates.
  • AAF also provides bridge loans and acquisition financing loans.
  • Art can be accessed and sold during the loan period.
  • Through our affiliate company, Ackerman’s Fine Art, we offer clients a plethora of advisory and gallery services.


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