Art Loans

Atelier Art Finance provides flexible and innovative credit solutions. Our loan process is simple and straightforward, and every loan is customized to meet the specific needs of the borrower.

Term Loans

A loan secured by one or more artworks owned by the borrower. Loans typically range in term from six months to to two years or more. Loan amounts are determined by the estimated value of the underlying art and can receive as much as 50% LTV of their estimated value. Term loans can start as low as fifty thousand U.S. Dollars.

Acquisition Loans

Designed specifically to provide buying power for the purchase of one or more target artworks, either privately or at auction. Once purchased successfully, the works become the collateral of the loan facility.

Bridge Loans

Designed to provide liquidity in advance of a planned sale of art assets. Bridge loans are secured by art scheduled to be sold privately or at auction. These loans create liquidity prior to a sale and can be used for estate planning purposes. Terms vary from 3 months to up to two years.

Revolving Credit Loans

To establish a Revolving Credit Line the owner pledges art collateral to establish a draw-down facility, which can then be used at the borrowers discretion and for any purpose. Revolving Lines of Credit give the owner of fine art assets the ability to quickly access capital if and when it is needed. It also gives the borrower the flexibility to pay down the loan as other assets are sold.

Working Capital Loans

Loans secured by art inventory owned by a dealer or gallery, and are meant to provide working capital. Works held as collateral can be shown to potential buyers (and sold) at anytime during the loan term.

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